Do Not Think That Botox Is Only Used For Cosmetic Purposes!

We still have a lot to discover. Every day comprises new opportunities to get a lot discovered and motivated. When it comes to scientific research, surprises are more frequent. This one offers many new possibilities to life, which makes it possible to finding the cure for deadly diseases or slowing down the effects of aging.  To delay aging process, there are several modern techniques that are known to benefit people but, as of now, the complete reach of their effects is still undiscovered. Such is the case of Botox.  

When talking about Botox, one might learn many interesting things. For example, it is a compound derived from Clostridium Botulinum. This is a bacterium that can be dangerous to the body if ingested, but when used for cosmetic purposes, it is completely safe. Also, it is the first and only FDA-approved preventive treatment that you can use for the Chronic Migraine. Likewise, Botox has amazing freezing effects on muscles. For this reason, it was originally created to cure spasms. But, now it is used to treat the formation of facial wrinkles. Besides, Botox can be used by any person regardless of age. However, depending on the age, the treatments vary. For example, young people use very high doses of Botox to treat chronic muscle spasms and old people employ it to fight migraine and to stop the formation of wrinkles.

With everything that is said about Botox, we can see how Botox injections are not limited to treating wrinkles. Initially, the FDA originally approved Botox for non-cosmetic treatments. Among the very first disease, it tried to cure was blepharospasm. This is a disease which forces the eyes to twitch non-stop. This causes migraine, headaches, and excessive sweating. As a result, over 500,000 people with Chronic Migraine have been treated with Botox. But due to its freezing effects, it can also be used to reduce back pain and jaw tension. It is important to mention that Botox treatments don’t last forever, the effects of this treatment can last up to a year after the first injection. This means that there will be no wrinkles, headaches or sweat for quite some time.

Contrary to popular belief that the usage of Botox in cosmetics surgery is mostly done by women, most still do not believe that Botox is for both genders. By thinking like this, they are ignoring all the benefits that they could get from the use of this treatment. Studies have shown that men with enlarged prostates can get relief by using Botox. Men tend to suffer erectile dysfunction when treating this disease with medicine. But Botox reduces the size of the gland thus improving the flow of urine. And not any side effects have been seen yet.

Even though it is a technique not widely used in the market, it has proven to have a potential future. It is time to risk and leave all fears and prejudices regarding Botox behind. Time has demonstrated that Botox treatments are a cure for many health issues.