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DIM Can Help You to Reduce Your Weight Too

As DIM has been found to be very effective in balancing our hormone levels, it can be very effective in losing weight too. However, enough studies have not been conducted on this aspect, but theoretically it appears to be possible.

As it has been established that DIM helps in balancing both testosterone and estrogen levels and both these hormones are linked to our metabolism that is responsible for storing and burning of fat. However, you cannot rely completely on DIM to lose your weight, but it must be supported with healthy diet and proper exercises too in order to boost the result.

DIM for weight loss

DIM is formed in our body when cruciferous vegetables are totally broken down via digestion and mastication. DIM is primarily meant for producing chemoprotective and anticancer effects. However, it has been observed that it is also a versatile medicinal agent. Studies have been conducted to determine the effect of DIM on diabetes, lipid metabolism, heart disease, obesity, fat loss and much more and DIM has been found to boost weight loss.

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DIM can help in balancing estrogen levels by modulating this hormone so that there is no spike or it does not fall to too low levels. We all know that estrogen synthesis is usually performed in the ovaries of women. However, little do we know that adipose tissue (which is the fat) is essential for utilization and manufacturing of estrogen. DIM helps in maintaining healthy range of testosterone and estrogen level and that is important for maintaining our body composition right particularly when we grow in age.

How estrogen can affect in fat storage

As we know DIM is helpful in balancing our estrogen level. Estrogenic balancing is vital for stimulating loss of fat. We know how estrogen is responsible for storing fat in women’s body. Fat tissues in the body also produces estrogen. Medical researchers have found that excess estrogen level can cause symptoms of hypothyroidism. Thyroid gland is also responsible for controlling metabolism. If there is hypothyroidism then the activity of thyroid reduces and as a result one can gain weight.

Estrogen can also promote safe pattern of storage of fat for any women who is in premenopausal stage. Women who are yet to go through menopause and have maintained proper level of estrogen can store most of their fat in thighs and hips. This is much healthier than storing fat in the belly.

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