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Dealing with depression – From identification to treatment

We have all been hearing about depression quite a lot these days. While cynics may say, it is a fad and youngsters are saying they are depressed to sound ‘cool’; the problem exists and needs to be addressed seriously. The only reason we hear about it more often is because of the increasing levels of awareness caused by celebrities and doctors alike. We have seen so many famous people die due to depression – from Anthony Bourdain to Robin Williams.

Awareness and identification is the first step to getting better

Although the person afflicted by depression may not realize or want to term it like that, they do need help. There could be multiple reasons for depression ranging from genetics to physical problems to the environment/ social issues. Research studies NYC suggest that 10-15% of the world population will at some point in their life suffer from depression. Once you identify and accept whether you or someone you know is suffering from depression, it becomes easier to deal with it and treat it in the right way.

Treating the types of depression in the right way

Mild depression can be handled carefully either with the help and support of friends and family or with the help of a trained therapist. Understanding the cause of the problem is important, and only then you can take the next step towards treatment. Severe depression may require multiple therapy sessions as well as medication along with an actual lookout for the person so that they do not cause harm to themselves or others.

If you know someone with depression or are yourself suffering from it, accept it and work to treat it. There are a lot of helplines and centres available for everyone, some of them even free of cost. And talking to your friends and family never cost anything of course.

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