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Crowdfunding for Vaccinations in Infancy

Children are susceptible to a whole host of diseases and if they are not vaccinated against these they might catch a fair number of these. Parents are perpetually worried over children catching infections yet it surprises us to think that very many children do not get vaccinated. I could really write on about group immunity but more on that later. Let me give you a secret as to how to change this reality. The secret is something called “Crowdfunding”.

Crowdfunding is a process and Impact Guru is the largest crowdfunding platform in India. When you use crowdfunding to raise money, you use the power of the crowd to reallocate funds from the rich to the poor. We at Impact Guru simple provide you with a platform to make this possible. On Impact Guru, you can start a fundraiser for your specific cause. You might think about how we can help in your project of vaccinating children.  As a resource person working in the field of children’s healthcare, you may realize that we need to bring more than one child together. We need doctors, a few nurses and we also need to keep very specific copies of the reports of all these children.

Once we have settled this one down, vaccinating children en masse should not bring a problem. However, in order to do this, we need to effectively target those children who live outside the state’s system of healthcare. Infants of mothers, who are extremely poor, are not working in socially sanctioned jobs, infants who are abandoned by parents etc. We need to venture into spaces where people do not generally venture into.

Now, coming back to the point. Why is immunity so important? Not only does it help save you from attacking infections, immunity to contagious diseases works in a collective way. So, India has been declared polio-free only because so many thousands of children took the polio vaccine. This is collective immunity at work. Imagine if one or two children had not been vaccinated and caught polio, they could have spread it to other non-vaccinated people. Crowdfunding India helps engage with these problems. With the help of crowdfunding we can bring likeminded people together to start a social change. Medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding is fairly common.

This is not the first time, Impact Guru; India’s largest crowdfunding platform has helped in children’s welfare. SEED schools had helped educate 29 kids from shelter homes and Impact Guru had facilitated the process.  Therefore, if you are looking to set up a space to vaccinate needy children, all you need to do is set up a fundraiser. You will get instant approval on your fundraiser and constant support from our campaign manager. With the help of Crowdfunding India and Impact Guru, immunity for all children is just an enthusiasm and an effort away!