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Best Rated Marijuana Vaporizers

If you are a beginner in vaping world and want to try new methods of smoking verbs, every vaporizer will give you a better experience than classic smoking. There are many types of electronic cigarettes, and one of the types is just meant for marijuana usage. Because the market is growing, there are many models you can choose from. You won’t make a mistake by buying popular brands because technology is good enough so everything works well.

Usually, the main difference is in price and the type of heating the vaporizer has. The thing you should notice is how strong the model is, and how frequent you will be using it. Do your research, so you can get the best marijuana vaporizer that suits you great. Also, battery life is one of the most important factors and of course how good the taste is.

V2 Pro Series 3X Dry Herb

V2 has been on the market for a long time, so they surely know what customers are looking for. One of the differences it has over earlier models is the mouthpiece. On the older models, it was plastic and it feels and looks cheaper. Now they have four different metal mouthpieces on the cartridge and it looks really great.

There are three different color options you can choose and for each one you won’t get fingerprints on it. It is a small device which is the biggest advantage, about the size of a pen. It feels heavy in the hand and very durable.

The major improvements that have been made compared to the original 3X are that you now have a sub-ohm ceramic cartridge. With this, you won’t have any burning taste like in older cartridges and you will have excellent quality with a lot of vapor. It has three voltage setting, but you can get a lot of different levels of vaporization between the atomizers and the three settings. There is also LED lighting at the bottom and adjustable air flow.

Hera 2 by VapeDynamics

One of the most important things for users is the design because most of the vaporizers have great configurations. On the side, there are lights that look like air vents and a micro USB charger. Because people like to use dry herb vapers constantly, you need to have strong or replaceable parts.

A great thing about this one is the battery design which can be pulled out at the bottom like an ammunition clip and replaced. Under the mouthpiece are hybrid stainless steel and ceramic chamber, and there is an optional butterfly filter.

The function and simplicity of the design are great because you can do everything on the little touch display. From changing the temperature to changing the mode from extract to dry herb, everything is available and fast. Reaching the temperature takes around 1 minute and you will be notified by blue lights on the side.

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PAX is one of the most recognizable brands in the vaping industry and the PAX 3 model is best rated when we look at the design. Temperature range for most electronic cigarettes go up to 420 F, but this model improved the time it takes to heat up to only 15 seconds.

The battery can hold up to 90 minutes when being used and the charging time takes the same time. They invested a lot in the design which has a futuristic look with minimal button use. It is one of the smallest devices with these configurations.

Because their point was in the design, they have eight different colors you can choose. There is a custom temperature setting which you can operate with your smartphone. There is a flavor mode that gets heating to the point you will have the maximum flavor. You can choose the stealth mode when you want to save your battery. Efficiency mode is when the temperature will rise steadily instead of heating in 15 seconds. The boost mode will reduce the auto-cooling.

Dry herb vaporizers price range is around $250 depending on the brand. You will have to consider some changes you have to make overtime, so picking the one with higher quality will save you money in the long-term.

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