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Bacopa: Why a Good Helps Enhance Your Cognitive and Memory Skills

Nootropics – also called the cognitive enhancers and smart drugs – are additions, drugs, and other substances that enhance mental function, specifically motivation, creativity, memory, and executive functions, in healthy users. The use of these mental-booster drugs by healthy individuals when a medical prescription is absent is one of the most controversial matters for physicians, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists, which range from a number of concerns. Most concerns include the use of prescription drugs for non-medical reasons, concerns over the adverse effects, and the fairness and ethics of their use. Nonetheless, the global production these drugs exceed US$1 billion in 2015 and it’s still gradually growing.

If you don’t want to use the drug, you could follow these tricks to enhance memory.

Have a Proper Sleep


There’s a huge difference between the amount of sleep you can endure and an amount you need to perform at your best. The truth is that about 95% of adults require 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep every night to avoid lack of sleep. Even sleeping for a few hours can make a noticeable difference! Your critical-thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and memory are all affected if you don’t have enough sleep; still, sleep is important for memory and learning in an even more noticeable way. Studies show that sleep is needed for memory boost since most of the main memory-enhancing activity happens while you’re sleeping soundly. If you still experience some issues when sleeping, here are the tricks to help you solve it.

Have a Sleep Schedule. Go to bed at the exact same time every night and get up at the same time each morning. Try not to disrupt your routine, even on holidays or weekends.

Avoid All Gadgets for at Least an Hour Before Bed. The blue light from the computer, phone, TV, and tablet would stimulate wakefulness and limit hormones such as melatonin that will stimulate sleep.

Lessen Your Intake of Caffeine. Caffeine affects people on a different level. Others are highly sensitive. Even your morning coffee can affect your sleep at night! Try lessening your intake or removing it out of your lifestyle if you notice that’s inhibiting you to have a good sleep.

Spend Time with Your Friends

When you think about ways to enhance memory, are you thinking of “serious” activities that include mastering chess, crossword puzzle, or other games? Or are you focusing on more lighthearted activities like spending time with your friends or watching a movie? If you pick watching movies and spending time with friends, it’s more beneficial but numerous studies reveal that a life spent for fun and with friends offers a lot of cognitive benefits. All human beings are called social animals! They’re not meant to survive alone. Your affiliations stimulate your brain – hence, interacting with others is the best form of brain exercise.

There are different ways to reap the benefits of Bacopa and other memory-boosting profits of socializing with other people. Help a club and make it a point to spend time with friends more often or reach out over the phone. If not, don’t ignore the value of owning a pet, most especially owning a highly-sociable dog!

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