What kind of filtration does the Berkey brand use?

Our water has undergone too many contaminations in recent times. Since the industrial age, the contaminants have even gotten worse and more serious. With studies showing that contamination now has the power to cause memory issues and problems with learning, many people have now started to take the issue of contamination serious by getting themselves […]

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How Treating Addiction Holistically Can Help with Personal Growth

Addiction recovery treatment is provided to people struggling with drug or alcohol problems through several types of programs, and it should always be tailored to each individual’s specific needs. One approach that is being used more frequently for addiction recovery treatment is the holistic approach. The holistic approach involves healing the mind, body, and spirit […]

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6 ways of getting rid of PCOS

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is an ovarian abnormality that causes women’s hormones to be affected and inflicts health issues such as weight gain or irregular periods leading to infertility. Some of the polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms Abnormal hair loss Excess hair growth on body or face Abnormal weight gain Irregular periods Acne Skin Darkening Headaches […]