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Are you washing your hands correctly?

There exists the perfect way to wash your hands so that dirt, oils and surface germs are removed completely. This article outlines the correct hand washing steps.

Though you may not realise it, the hardest working parts of your body are the hands and the feet. The hands perform so many tasks: they grasp, pull, push, squeeze, write, type, hold, carry, cook, dial, knead…and these are just some of the things they do!

Your hands are literally touching multiple surfaces every day, and this is where the problem of illness by infection starts. Many surfaces of common public use can be contaminated by infectious germs and microbes. When you touch them, these infectious germs are transferred to your hands – and then, to your body via contact with your eyes, nose or mouth. So, it naturally follows that if you don’t wish to get ill through your hands, you must wash them clean of all germs as frequently as possible.

Which technique do you follow for washing your hands? That’s right, there’s a technique that involves certain hand washing steps. Just follow our lead on how to wash your hands to get all the germs and dirt out:

  • Don’t just rinse, soap and rinse again. You must wash your hands for as long as it takes you to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ or one minute, whichever is longer.
  • Make sure you have access to Dettol handwashing soap before you begin.
  • This is the first hand washing step: Wet your hands under running water. Squeeze a coin-sized amount of the Dettol liquid soap on your hand.
  • Rub the palms of your hands together to create a rich lather.
  • Now wash the webbing of skin between your fingers and also your wrists. Germs lurk in these areas.
  • Don’t forget the dead skin and surface dirt: rake your palms with your fingernails to remove dead skin and surface impurities.
  • Take your time with the above hand washing steps. Now wash the soap under running water until all vestiges of the soap are removed.
  • Wipe your hands on a paper towel.

Do follow these hand washing steps – no short cuts! – every time you wash your hands. It is recommended that you wash your hands with a good antibacterial soap at least once couple of hours. This practice not only keeps your hands clean and fresh, but also kills off any infectious germs lurking on the skin. So, you can remain disease-free for longer.