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All Levels of Care At Drug Treatment Centre Los Angeles

Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction requires an all-around approach and this is the reason we are devoted to providing recovery through physical, emotional and spiritual help for an alcoholic and drug addicted person. Our Drug treatment Centre Los Angeles is a comprehensive program that takes a holistic approach and is evidence-based.

Values at Drug Treatment Centre Los Angeles

  • Integrity: we are committed to providing treatment while maintaining honest relationships with our clients. We are committed to basing our actions on best practices while observing morality and honesty.
  • Accountability: it is not just the clients who are accountable but we also hold ourselves accountable for the way we treat our clients. This promotes trust between us and our clients’ even staff so that everyone feels safe within our environment.
  • Compassion: even though we are committed to providing treatment to our clients, we still remember that we are dealing with fellow humans. Therefore, we operate within the boundaries of compassion and kindness appreciating that each person has their own pace when it comes to recovery.
  • Respect: Nexus professional team of health experts treats clients and their families with respect. Each of our client’s time, feelings and opinions matter to us.
  • Community: our facilities and program tolls foster a sense of community so that even former clients feel part of our caring community. We value group connections where there is a safe environment for everyone to freely express themselves.

Our Philosophy 

Our main mission is to provide rehabilitation for clients who need to break free from alcohol and drug addiction. These are chronic brain diseases that need time and connection. We, therefore, approach treatment by focusing on the body, mind, and spirit. Our program provides adequate time for clients to fully heal while at the same time providing a safe environment that encourages meaningful connections.

We have a model that incorporates Intensive outpatient, aftercare services, partial hospital procedure, and outpatient. We encourage clients to set goals as part of the brain healing process. Our community allows clients to connect with their peers and make plans for the future.

The professional team at Nexus is made up of counselors, physicians, and therapist who specialize in substance abuse and trained in various recovery programs. We aim at providing the necessary tools plus a conducive environment necessary for clients to achieve long-term sobriety. Such a comfortable atmosphere makes it easier for clients to focus on their own recovery.

Treatment Tools

Individual therapy is intensive and focuses on a person’s unique needs. There is a minimum of one session per week. On the other hand, family therapy helps clients to reconnect with their family and resolve any underlying issue that may be contributing to the addiction.

Spiritual guidance is also offered where clients talk to spiritual advisors who offer lectures on spirituality and arrange for group prayers.

Group outings include social activities such as beach days, hiking and surfing. Clients can then have fun doing what they love most while receiving treatment at our centers. Group therapy is held several sessions a day to help clients form meaningful relationships even with former clients.

Health and fitness plans such as nutrition and sports activities help our clients stay fit and be in good shape while focusing on their treatment plan.

The Program Structure

We want to focus on a person’s needs and therefore immediately after admission, our clinical team asses our clients so that they can arrive at a workable treatment plan. We prefer to commence the program with our Partial Hospitalization Program where a client will receive care for five days a week with each session lasting for six hours.

Gradually, the client will move to the Intensive Outpatient programs where they will spend less time at the facility and more time will be devoted to daily activities at work or with family members.

We provide customized care and that is why we want family members to cooperate with us in finding a level of care that best suits a client’s needs.

After Care Services

Our four-phase extended treatment program at Nexus promotes tangible goals that can be set by clients. They can find time to reconnect with their peers, family members and the community at large. As soon as a client is admitted at our facility, we are committed to helping such one build a framework that works for them and take advantage of the tools we provide to help them break free from addiction.

 Each phase of the treatment helps a client develop as responsible and committed individuals while being part of a loving recovery community.

Phase one of the treatments take approximately 30 days and is aimed at setting a solid foundation for a client so they can smoothly transition to the next stages of recovery. The treatment is for 6 hours a day.

Phase two takes approximately 31 to 60 days and it is aimed at holding clients accountable and increasing responsibility while granting extra privileges. Treatment takes 3 to 4 days.

Phase three of the treatment clients move to the Outpatient Program where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in the previous stages. They spend more time outside the facility engaging in other important obligations. Treatment is 2 hours a day. There are the 12 step groups with continued participation in community activities. The client is expected to meet with a nutritionist at least once a month. Since the level of responsibility is highly expected of him, a client may want to plan bi-monthly meetings with the manager and engage in budgeting and financial planning.

Contact us today by reaching out either by email or phone and schedule a tour. We are willing to help you or a loved one break addiction form an alcohol or drug abuse. Our customer care team is kind and understanding and we treat all our clients with high confidentiality. Book an appointment today and take a tour of our state-of-the-art- facilities.

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