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All about Leucorrhea – Symptoms and Treatment

The white or clear fluid that is expelled by the vagina is known as leucorrhea. It is a common condition faced by most women going through reproductive age. The white or clear liquid consists of mucus that is produced by certain glands present in the walls of the vagina and cervix.

Even though most women do experience discharge at some point during their lives, some women tend to experience discharge for longer duration and in larger amounts. For example, during pregnancy, being sexually active or while on birth control. The area might be very slippery and wet during the ovulation phase.

Understanding the condition

It is of immense importance for women to have a basic understanding of the problem and efforts should be made to increase the level of awareness in society. Any type of change in the consistency, smell or color of the vaginal discharge can be a clear indication of a disorder. For example, fungal or bacterial infections may cause the white discharge to develop a very bad odor and turn into yellow or brownish color. A yeast infection, on the other hand, may cause the thick white discharge to become lumpy. These types of abnormal discharges from the vagina are usually accompanied by a foul odor, itching, and discomfort around the labia and vaginal region.

So what are the indications of something is wrong and that you should see a doctor?

Look out for the following symptoms-

  • Your vaginal has changed color, consistency, and odor
  • You have started producing much more discharge than usual
  • Your vaginal region feels very itchy and sore
  • You bleed between the periods or after having sex
  • You feel pain when urinating
  • You experience pain in the area between tummy and thigh (also known as pelvic pain)

What are the causes of the white discharge?

Causes of leucorrhoea

  • Due to pregnancy
  • Menstrual periods
  • Uterus congestion
  • Female genitals being infected
  • Irritation caused by mechanical factors
  • Emotional stress caused by work, life or sexual anxiety
  • Irregularity in hormones.
  • Bad dietary habits (excessive consumption of coffee or tea)
  • Alcohol abuse and chain smoking
  • Certain medical conditions such as Tuberculosis

Homeopathic treatment for the white discharge

Homeopathy offers a safe and efficient treatment to help heal women-related disorders like white discharge. The natural homeopathic remedies are based on the underlying medical condition as well as the severity of the symptoms and the impacts that white discharge causes.

Homeopathic treatment of leucorrhea heavily depends on its cause. Whatever might be the cause, homeopathy does have a solution to help treat it.


In cases where leucorrhea is triggered due to any kind of fungal or bacterial infection, Homeopathy not only cures the infection but it stops the discharge as well. Once the infection is cured, the excessive discharge is healed as well. Homeopathic medicines are equally effective even if it is caused solely due to physiological factors.

Dr Batra’s Healthcare provides effective and safe homeopathic treatment for such women related ailments.

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