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Acupressure in Naturopathy

Applying pressure to various pressure points in the body to remove the obstacles and blockages is called as Acupressure. When this pressure is applied in the right amount on the appropriate pressure point, it is known to heal a lot of ailments and diseases.

There are a lot of naturopaths and acupressure specialists who have opened their treatment centers to help people relieve from a lot of pain and other painful issues. Usually, acupressure would be administered to those who are suffering from joint and muscle related disorders as it is known to have effective results. Mentioned below are some details on Naturopathy which would be administered by the best naturopaths in Sydney.

Amount of pressure to be applied

When you visit a naturopath they would first understand the issue that you are going through symptoms and based on the symptoms they would start applying the requires pressure on the points that are situated either on the palm or feet in the right amount. Once the pressure is applied, they would massage the points in a circular and anti-circular motion to remove the blockages and activates the energy back into the system.

More about pressure points

Acupressure is applied only by certified naturopaths or specialists because it is a science and it requires knowledge and constant practice to identify the right pressure point.  The right pressure points located in various parts of our body needs to be activated accordingly when the patients are suffering from certain disorders or ailments.

Instruments used to apply pressure points

Usually, a naturopath would use his thumb and forefinger to apply the pressure on the points. Also, some of them would also use the instruments made specifically for acupressure, and these tiny instruments would be rolled and pressed appropriately to activate the blocked pressure points.