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A good form of birth control – female condoms

Ladies, take note. Instead of relying on the pill, you can use a ladies’ condom to provide protection during sex.

When you hear the term ‘condom’ you immediately conjure up a mental image of a man using it on his erect penis. But lately, women’s condoms have also been manufactured and are being sold in most places. Ladies’ condoms provide the same benefits as male condoms. Let’s look at their utility in greater detail.

What are female condoms?

Female condoms, as the name suggests, are condoms that are used by women. They are a relatively new invention, though their use is steadily rising all over the world. They are little pouches with a plastic ring at the base – the pouch is inserted inside the vagina. During sex, the ladies’ condom collects the ejaculate so that it does not spill into the vagina and cause an unwanted pregnancy. Meanwhile, the condom also provides an effective barrier between the contact of bodily fluids, so the chances of STI and STD transmissions are greatly reduced.

They might take some getting used to initially, by both partners. However, over time you will feel more confident about using the ladies’ condom and enjoy sex with it on. It is a helpful tool to have when your partner is new, or if you want to try anal sex with less pain, or if the male partner is unwilling to use a condom for sex.

How effective are they?

Ladies condoms are said to be about 75% effective in preventing the spread of STIs and the chances of unwanted pregnancy. They provide important benefits for a woman’s sexual health and confidence. A female condom gives the woman greater control over her sexual destiny. Some men dislike using condoms for sex and may try methods like withdrawing just before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy. However, a condom must be used before actual penetration so that pre-cum sperms do not impregnate the woman. A female condom helps in this situation. Also, sexual contact without a condom on between two new partners is risky in terms of spreading sexual diseases – but the female condom cuts this risk considerably.

Also, the condom does not hamper performance in any way.

Who can use them?

The short answer: Everybody. A woman who wants to be in greater control over her sex life must certainly stock up on ladies’ condoms. They provide a liberating and easier option for women who do not wish to use chemical birth control (in the form of monthly pills) or a surgical one (in the form of intra-uterine devices). However, do consult with your doctor before using female condoms as an exclusive form of birth control.

You can buy ladies’ condoms online from leading brands’ websites. They are packed discreetly and shipped to you in just a few days.