Four proactive ways to stay healthy

Staying healthy and strong is about taking proactive measures to avoid ill health rather than about treating ill health as it arises. For many staying healthy and fit comes naturally, but for others it is not as easy. It is for this reason that products like the FitBit have become so popular and why medical […]

Back Pain: How to react and How to treat?

The common backache or low back pain usually affects the lower back: sore back, kidney, lumbago. While the back extends from the neck to the buttocks, it is often the lower region of back who is concerned sometimes with a relationship to stress: to have a full back but what are the most common causes […]

What is general anesthesia and what is it for? What you must know regarding anesthesia

General anesthesia is a pharmacologically induced and reversible condition of loss of consciousness, accompanied by muscle relaxation and analgesia, which lasts for the duration of the surgical procedure. For this purpose, several classes of drugs are used, which act by altering the transmission of the nerve stimulus from the periphery to the central nervous system. […]

Sustanon-Effects and Results

There are many different anabolic steroids, which are widely used in the bodybuilding world. The anabolic steroids are used to increase the muscle mass and lower the fat percentage in the body. For attaining your desired body built you have to resort to anabolic steroids along with your workout routine. One such anabolic steroid available […]


By Dr. Tom Solecki What is wellness? Wellness at one time was defined as the absence of disease or sickness. Many people now have the broader understanding of wellness not only as the ability to prevent disease, but also to function well. Optimal well-being is a concept of health that goes beyond the curing of illness to […]

The Low Down on Minerals Minerals play a vital role in maintaining good health and fitness. As with vitamins, the minerals we need on a daily basis can all be obtained from a well balanced diet, without the need for supplements. Recommended daily amounts (RDA) are based on the needs of an average adult. Athletes and strength trainers will […]