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5 Types of Food That Cause Skin Aging

Have you ever wondered why you have been lately feeling that your skin looks lackluster? It might be because of the food that you have been having. Here are some of the kinds of food that accelerate and promote premature aging of the skin. You should try to avoid them as much as possible.

Sweets- You should incorporate too much food which is rich in sugar. For most cases, sweets are a perfect example of what you should try to avoid. The excess content of sugar in your diet can trigger a complex process of glycation.

When your food contains excess sugar than what your cells can handle, the extra saccharine molecules get combined with proteins to create something which causes the degradation of the collagen of your skin. Sugar is also detrimental to the wellbeing of your teeth. Sweet stuff clings to your teeth and leaves back decay and bacteria in your teeth. This can also cause discoloration of your teeth.

Burnt meat- Nowadays, charred meats are very common with burgers and pizzas. If you happen to be a foodie, you might have had them numerous times. But, these have a very harmful effect on your skin. Meat, when burnt, has pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons embedded inside them which causes inflammation and breaks the collagen of your skin.

Salty dishes– Even if you try to cook your food with less salt, then also your food cannot be free from salt. This is because most processed food that you buy from the supermarket are preserved with the sodium. Excessive intake of those kinds of food causes your skin to retain more moisture and gives you a rather bloated look. Next time, take a look at the sodium and preservatives levels of the canned items that you purchase for consumption.

Alcohol- Good health of your liver is the backbone behind the wellbeing of your skin. Drinking at a moderate level might be good for your health and mind, but excessive drinking is heavily poisonous for your lever. A good functioning of the lever ensures that potentially harmful toxins are taken care of and are duly discharged from the body.

However, if the lever fails to function properly, toxins built up rapidly within the body causing your skin to develop several blemishes like acne or forehead wrinkles. So, it is recommended to control your alcohol intake. 70% of deep forehead wrinkles in women over 50’s leading cause is alcohol.

Energy drinks- Energy drinks are quite popular with millennials who are always on the lookout for something that boosts their efficiency to toil more. However, excess intake of Energy drinks can cause your teeth to falter. A study shows that energy drinks rip off more enamel from the teeth as compared to sports drinks. This causes your teeth to discolor itself. Quite unsurprisingly, energy drinks have more acidulous content in them which poses a threat to your skin.

Bottom line

These were some of the foods which when taken in excess can lead to the degradation of the skin. Your skin is very sensitive to all kinds of foods and you should be particular to avoid these as much as practicable. It is a good idea to increase naturally processed foods in your diet in keep your skin’s condition to an optimum level.