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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth and you have been looking for a perfect solution to your problem? You must have heard about dental implants. Almost everybody understands that dental implants provide the best solution for anyone who has lost their teeth or have problems with their natural teeth.

Dental implants will restore your beautiful smile and make you happy again since they offer a permanent, hassle-free solution that looks and feels like your natural teeth. But, how much do you know about this type of dental treatment? Read on to find out some of the things you didn’t know about dental implants.

It Is a Common and Highly Successful Dental Treatment Procedure

Dental implants might be a lot common that you think. For instance, in Canada, at least 60% of people aged between 35 and 45 have lost at least one tooth, and at least two in five people aged 75 and above have lost most of their teeth.

Statistics indicate that at least two in every ten people you meet have dental implants, but you won’t notice it since they appear like natural teeth.  The success rate of dental implants is at least 97% according to the Canadian Dentist Association.

Implants Give You a Stronger Jawbone

Have you ever heard something called osseointegration? Well, this is a fancy dental term that is used to refer to what implants do in the jawbone. The unique qualities of titanium which is the primary material that makes up implants allow the jawbone to fuse biologically with it. Since titanium spurs bone growth, the implants can lead to the strengthening of the jawbone over time. A healthy and strong jawbone is critical when it comes to maintaining your facial height and shape.

You Will Never Get Cavities

Yes, you read that right. If you opt for dental implants Chomedey, you will never experience a tooth cavity. This is because the dental implant is made of titanium screws that support a crown of porcelain which can’t be affected by tooth decay. The harmful bacteria that causes tooth cavity can’t penetrate through the titanium.

They Look and Feel Natural

One of the most significant advantages of dental implants that make them so popular is that they look and feel natural. In fact, nothing comes so close to real teeth than dental implants. They can be shaped and colored to match your existing teeth which offer you a seamless smile that you can be proud of all the time.

With dental implants, you won’t experience the embarrassing slippage usually associated with dentures and bridges. You can eat anything that you like with confidence and smile with confidence as well. What is even more exciting is the fact that implants don’t require any extra care and maintenance. All you have to do is brush and floss as you always do.

Dental Implants Are the Best Investment that You Can Make

As long as you take good care of your implants, you can be sure that they will last a lifetime. This is what makes this tooth replacement option the best choice for a lot of people out there. You can always smile with confidence without worrying about your wallet.

And since your jawbone stays stronger and healthy, your overall oral health also improves. Dental implants will never be refitted to meet the changing shape of your mouth something that will most likely happen multiple times when you go for dentures or bridges.

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