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4 Essential Supplements to Add to Your Routine This Year

If this is the year you are committed to paying more focused attention to your overall health and well-being, then there is a good chance that you are quickly going to realize that you aren’t able to do it all on your own.

The most active athletes and the most influential biohackers take supplements because they recognize the power that the right combination can have.

If this sounds like something you need more of in your life, read on to learn about four essential supplements to add to your routine this year.

1. Magnesium

One of the most popular supplements on the market today, magnesium pills are being taken by more and more people as they recognize how important they are for overall health. Each organ in your body requires some level of magnesium; therefore, if you aren’t consuming enough through your diet, you may be suffering.

In your body, magnesium plays an integral part in synthesizing proteins, sustaining your DNA, supporting muscles when they contract and relax, monitoring blood sugar, managing blood pressure, and regulating neurons.

There is a wide range of options for magnesium supplements available, so you will have to find one that is right for your body and needs. However, no matter which type you select, the benefits of taking magnesium supplements are significant.

They include stronger bones and increased calcium absorption, enhanced energy levels, a healthier digestive tract, more stable blood pressure levels, and regulated hormones that aid in overall relaxation.

2. Vitamin D

Undoubtedly one of the most essential supplements for all human beings, vitamin D is crucial for all who want to be healthy. Vitamin D works on over 1,000 different genes and assists with testosterone, human growth hormones, and estrogen. Additionally, vitamin D controls immune function and inflammation and assists with calcium metabolism and bone formation.

While you can get sufficient vitamin D from sun exposure, most people don’t, which is why a Vitamin D supplement is recommended. For the most efficient supplement, in the morning, opt to take a Vitamin A-D-K which will operate in an interconnected manner for immune, heart, and bone assistance.

3. Collagen Protein

While you may have heard the term “collagen” being thrown around the beauty and wellness community, you may not know what it is, what it does, and how important it is.

Collagen is a protein that produces connective tissue throughout your body and holds everything together — from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Your body is able to generate collagen naturally; however, your body produces less of it as you get older.

Given that collagen reduces wrinkles, keeps joints healthy and flexible, supports strong bones, and increases skin hydration, it should come as no surprise that more people around the world are realizing the importance of increasing their collagen intake.

Unless you are routinely eating bone broth or animal organs, you most likely are not getting anywhere near enough collagen to support your joints and keep your skin looking young. Therefore, the easiest way to ensure you are absorbing enough collagen is by taking a collagen protein supplement that can be stirred into your morning coffee.

4. Coconut Charcoal Capsules

If you are one of the many people who suffer from digestion issues, then starting to take coconut charcoal capsules may provide you with the relief you are looking for — as long as you select ones that are ultra-pure and made solely from coconut shells.

Still, anyone can benefit from taking this form of supplement. It aids the body in eliminating the many toxins that enter from low-quality processed food and environmental pollution, and encourages a healthy digestive system and brain.

The benefits of taking coconut charcoal capsules include rapid detoxing for enhanced digestion and sustained rejuvenation, protection against harmful food and drink, and the removal of bacteria and gas from your body.

Do you already have a supplement routine or are you looking to start one this year? Are any of these supplements sounding like the right thing for you? Let us know your thoughts and any experiences you may have regarding this topic in the comments below!


Dave Asprey is the creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee, host of the #1 health podcast, Bulletproof Radio, and author of the New York Times bestselling book, “The Bulletproof Diet.” Through his work, the Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur provides information, techniques and keys to taking control of and improving your biochemistry, your body and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control your decisions.

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