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3 Reasons to Get Regular Eye Exams

Have you ever wondered why your optometrist’s office always reminds you to come in for your next eye exam? Your optometrist knows that regular eye exams are crucial for your eye health now and in the future. Even if you don’t see why you should go for a regular eye exam, you should make the appointments for a no air puff glaucoma test. Here are the reasons why.

1. Glaucoma is a Silent Disease

If you just need one reason to have regular eye exams, it’s to get screened for glaucoma. That’s an important reason, because if your optometrist is able to catch glaucoma early enough, your vision could be saved. And now it’s easier than ever to be screened for glaucoma with the no air puff glaucoma test. If you are nervous about having that standard glaucoma test with the puff of air, you’ll love the no air puff glaucoma test. Instead of a puff of air, the optometrist uses a device that measures for glaucoma without the air puff.

2. You May Need a New Contacts or Eyeglasses Prescription

Wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses that are not quite right for your vision can be damaging to your eyes. It’s important to have your prescription checked routinely so that your optometrist can make any necessary adjustments. The difference in your vision may be so slight that you can barely notice, but your optometrist will be able to see the differences. That’s another reason why you should have regular eye exams.

3. Screen Time is Harmful to Eyes

Now that you and everybody else in the world is staring at screens all day long, it’s more crucial than ever to have regular eye exams. The light that’s emitted from screens can be harmful to eyes, especially if you spend many hours looking at screens. Remember that all screens count, such as the computer screen you look at while at work, your cell phone, tablet and even the television screen. All that screen time is new to the current generations and the full long-term effects are not completely known. Your optometrist will take all this into account if you make yourself available for eye exams on a regular basis.

These three reasons should be enough to encourage you to make and keep regular eye exams with your optometrist’s office. Glaucoma can creep up on you with no symptoms, so you need that no air puff glaucoma test. Your contacts or eyeglasses prescription could need to be adjusted, and the amount of screen time people are now exposed to makes getting regular eye exams more critical than ever before. Make your optometrist appointment today.

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