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Here’s a List of Best Health Insurance Companies In India

If you are planning to buy health insurance, and feel confused seeing the sheer number of options available, here’s a consolidated list of best health insurance companies in India. Cigna TTK Cigna TTK provides comprehensive insurance coverage with attractive benefits at an affordable premium. Features Pre-hospitalization cover of 60 days and post-hospitalization cover for 180 […]

Health Care

The tail of a nightmare: Cancer Treatment in India

The human body is to counter a number of diseases in this era among which the cancer is known as a deadly disease. Cancer is yet another nightmare for common people. Death trolls in cancer are increasing day by day. There are several advancements in technology to treat cancer, but there are still more miles […]

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Cannabis Chocolates – Facts

Chocolates are man’s best friend, literally, with all the benefits it can give. Dark chocolate, to be exact, is nutritious; a powerful source of antioxidants, fiber, iron, magnesium and more. But what if I tell you that chocolates made in cannabis are also safe to consume and can provide you with even more benefits? You’ve […]

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Heal yourself before its too late

Every day, you take powder and plastic in your body. You swallow one pill at a time and suffer from the numerous side effects, while you can naturally extend your life with fruits, herbs, and fish. Serenity Recovery Center offers its assistance. How often do you go to the doctor and return without a prescription? […]

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Boost Your Confidence With The Appropriate Skin Care Products

Choosing the right skincare is more option for shopping. Right selection lets you to look as well as feel great. Sometimes people choose the wrong stuff and are left to don’t like and never use. You can set up the best skincare routine for your skin type. Our specialized skin consultant offers the results of […]

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Turmeric And Curcumin Extract

Introduction Turmeric has a beautiful bright yellow root nicknamed the golden spice or Indian saffron. It has a unique aroma and flavor. Turmeric can be used in its whole form. You can use it as a powder, extract or supplement form. Turmeric has over 100 chemical compounds which can help treat a lot of conditions […]


Understanding Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction are issues that have actually been around for thousands of years. Addressing addiction is a complicated matter because it has physical, psychological and emotional elements that all have to be addressed simultaneously. At its root, all addiction starts as a form of pain management, but over time, it also becomes a […]

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How To Decide The Policy Cover For Your Health Insurance Policy

Insurance coverage is the first and foremost thing that should be taken into consideration while buying health insurance, no matter whatever type it may be. It is basically an agreement between the insurers and insured which contains the whole charges as well as medical benefits of the policy. This particular agreement also contains the confirmation […]