Red Vein Kratom with Analgesic Effects that are Strong and Powerful

This one is named Red Bali Kratom and is a very common form of Kratom family. This has got a lot of stimulatory power and hence gives you energy and can help you to do your work without getting tired. This particular strain of Kratom is now famous all over the world for its beneficial […]

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Myth busted: Do we really lose most of our body heat through our head?

As a child, we were all told to put on a beanie when we’re cold as most of our body heat escapes through our head. But, just how accurate is this? The experts at House Call Doctor have put together everything you need to know for next time you’re struggling to keep warm. The facts […]

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Top 5 Kinds of Treatment Men Can Undergo at a Plastic Surgeon’s Clinic

Plastic surgeries have become very common these days. Despite the criticism and controversies popping up every day related to the topic, people are choosing their happiness and content over anything else. A cliché thing related to plastic surgery is that it is only for women. Well, quality is not only for women but also for […]

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Phlebotomy Order of Draw and the Importance of It

The drawing of blood according to order When phlebotomists collect blood, they must use collection tubes in a particular order for blood samples taken from patients when they perform venipuncture to prevent the blood from getting cross-contaminated by the additives between the tubes. This is called the order of draw. For a phlebotomist who is […]