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A good form of birth control – female condoms

Ladies, take note. Instead of relying on the pill, you can use a ladies’ condom to provide protection during sex. When you hear the term ‘condom’ you immediately conjure up a mental image of a man using it on his erect penis. But lately, women’s condoms have also been manufactured and are being sold in […]

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Are you washing your hands correctly?

There exists the perfect way to wash your hands so that dirt, oils and surface germs are removed completely. This article outlines the correct hand washing steps. Though you may not realise it, the hardest working parts of your body are the hands and the feet. The hands perform so many tasks: they grasp, pull, […]

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Smoking and Fertility in Females: What You Should Know

Becoming a surrogate means sharing your DNA to assist create a family for another person. This massive responsibility motivates most surrogacy agencies to ensure that donors are physically healthy and genetically sound.  Smoking and fertility in females is a major concern. Here’s why? Smoking is harmful to your health and can adversely affect fertility. However, […]

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What is the significance of sonography test?

Sonography test is that diagnostic imaging procedure which is carried out through ultrasound waves. When the waves are passed, the internal organs may be visualized on the screen where the images are saved for reference. The doctor can see the subcutaneous body structure which includes the blood vessels, joints, the muscles and tendons. The test […]


The List of Food Items for Increasing the Testosterone Level

When we talk about low testosterone (low-T) level, a decrease in the muscle size, low libido and depression are some of the symptoms you will come across. Being a bodybuilder is one of the key hormones that help you in putting on muscles and staying in the right shape. But it has been seen that […]


Rotator Cuff Injuries: Symptoms and Treatments

Rotator cuff injuries are a common problem that can affect just about anyone. This is because rotator cuff injuries can be the result of a variety of issues including a single traumatic event such as a fall, the over-use of the joint through athletic or occupational activity, or simply the natural weakening and deterioration that occurs over […]

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4 Signs That You Should Visit an Audiologist

Due to the increasing levels of modernization and technological advancements, people have absolutely no qualms with partying in places wherein the sound volume is too high. Similarly, there are a few others who enjoy listening to music in high volume and keep on listening to that way. Ultimately, that leads to a hearing problem. There […]

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Post Hair Transplant Care Tips

As soon as you have decided to have hair transplant surgical treatment, you are most likely jumping ahead to considering your post-op plans. You probably cannot wait to see the faces on your good friends and acquaintances when they observe your new complete head of hair. In the meantime, you need to go through the […]

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How Long Does Shingles Last? Symptom and Treatment

Shingles are skin diseases that cause painful rashes, burning and even unbearable itching. Many cases, shingles last for 3 weeks or even 5 weeks. Habit, this disease only occurs once but if it is not treated properly, it can recur again. The treatment process for this disease varies and depends on how quickly you get […]

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Exploring for a legitimate yielder of Medical cannabis

At the point when the specialist feels that Medical Marijuana is a suitable treatment alternative, they will compose a medicine prescript stipulating the estimations alongside the approved time of consumption. When you have a marked solution, you should hunt for an authorized maker of medicinal cannabis. The proficient and a licensed producer of medical cannabis […]